2008 SUV




Grip Control® means the 2008 is able to tackle a very broad range of conditions, allowing you to explore fresh horizons... Versatile and responsive, Grip Control® optimises traction to suit whatever terrain you're driving on, modifying the behaviour of the front wheels thanks to electronic control from the car's ESP. Available on engines from 100 hp in both manual and automatic gearboxes, Grip Control® comes with 16’’ or 17’’ Mud & Snowi winter tyres.


Grip Control® offers 5 driving modes via the centre dial:
- Standardi
- Snowi
- All-Terraini
- Sandi
- ESP Offi



The new SUV PEUGEOT 2008 offers you a range of Euro 6-compliant PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines, ensuring superb performance and low running costs. They’re even more lightweight and compact than before, and the result is an increased yield. And for even more responsive driving, the 1.2 l PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 version includes the new EAT6 automatic 6-speed gearbox for swift, smooth gear changes.

For those who prefer diesel, BlueHDi technology delivers drastic reductions in fuel consumption, less NOx (nitrogen oxide) – up to 90% - plus optimised CO2 emissions.



A compact SUV with a streamlined silhouette, the 2008 offers you first-rate dynamic road handling thanks to its carefully controlled weightiand four types of car-to-ground connecting components. The springs, shock absorvers, anti-roll bars, front wheel axle unit and rear cross member have been specially designed to allow the entire engine assembly to deliver the most dynamic performance possible.
The body stability is excellent, and the steering profile adapts to suit each different type of car-to-ground connecting component, delivering plenty of information about the road via the compact steering wheel.


Park Assisti detects available parking spaces and assists you with your parallel parking and exit manoeuvres. At speeds below 8 km/h, it automatically takes control of the steering and provides the driver with visual and audio information.
You remain in control of the steering, braking, gears and, if your car has a manual gearbox, the clutch.

The reverse parking camera is automatically activated when the car goes into reverse. The image is displayed on the touchscreen, allowing you to detect hidden obstacles while manoeuvring in reverse.



The PEUGEOT 2008 offers you a new lighting signature. Framed by Black and Chrome masks and a high-tech LED light guidei, the headlamps give this SUV a distinctively feline appearance. Visibilty is optimised, particularly on verges and curves.

And on the new rear lights, you'll find the distinctive motif that appears throughout the 2008 range: three captivating high-tech 3D claws.



The Mirror Screen functioni allows you to use applicationsi on your MirrorLink®i or Apple CarplayTMi compatible smartphone on your vehicle's 7’’ touchscreen.

For optimum readability and complete safety during use in the car, compatible applications are shown using an interface specifically designed for driving.

PEUGEOT Connect Packs


For even greater comfort and safety, the compact SUV PEUGEOT 2008 now comes with three new connected service packsi:

• Monitoring Pack: a virtual service manual (automatically keeps track of mileage and scheduled maintenance) and guide to environmentally sound driving (customised tips based on your driving style).
• Mapping Packi: geolocation, helping you find where the vehicle is parked, and email alerts when the vehicle is being used (except within a pre-set zone and/or timetable(s)), display of journeys in progress and journeys completed.
• Tracking Packi: in the event of theft, communicates with the relevant police forces to help locate the vehicle.


This free applicationi keeps you in contact with your vehiclei:
• Access your driving data: driving history, fuel consumption and journey costs.
• Find where your car is parked.
• Navigation that helps you proceed your destination even after you've parked.
• Receive alerts when technical assistance is needed.

Stay informed:
• See the next scheduled maintenance and servicing checks.
• Receive alerts for regular maintenance activities.
• Check your service contracts.

You'll never drive alone:
• Set up an appointment online and receive a cost estimate.
• Find your contacts: point of sale, customer relations and assistance.
• Become a privileged "MyPeugeot" customer and enjoy countless benefits: special offers from PEUGEOT and its partners, VIP invitations, advance test drives, competitions and all the latest news from PEUGEOT.